The Mystery of a Hansom Cab

News from Nowhere


艱難時世 Hard Times

Bound to Rise

The Heir of Redclyffe


The Book of Snobs

A Dream of John Ball

鐵面人 The Man in the Iron Mask

Robison Crusoe魯賓遜漂流記(雙語小說)

Around the World In 80 Days八十天環游地球

暮光之城:月食 Eclipse

神秘窗,神秘園 Secret Window, Secret Garden


The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of

尼各馬克倫理學 Nicomachean Ethics

暮光之城:新月 New Moon

白牙 White Fang

弄臣 The Jester


The Riverman

The Brothers Karamazov

The Deerslayer

The Frozen Deep

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer湯姆.索亞歷險記

The Count of Monte Cristo基督山伯爵

漫漫長路 A Long Way Down

尋寶人的故事 The Story of the Treasure Seekers

有產業的人 The Man of Property

New Grub Street

The Odd Women

百年孤獨 One Hundred Years of Solitude

瑪麗巴頓 Mary Barton

兔子,快跑 Rabbit, Run

The Wheels of Chance

Candide: Or, Optimism

The Discourses


Henrietta Temple : A Love Story

The Scarlet Letter紅字

Vineland 葡萄園地

The Life and Adventures of Maj. Roger Sherman Pott



The Newcomes

The Old Curiosity Shop

匹克威克外傳 Pickwick Papers

荒涼的小屋 Bleak House

Leah Mordecai: A Novel

After London

Barchester Towers

First and Last Things

Gulliver's Travels

Initials Only

茶花女 The Lady of the Camellias

Rich Dad Poor Dad窮爸爸富爸爸

The Store Boy

The Eyes of the World

The Awakening